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Planning your Cake

Planning your cake for your special event, whether it be for a wedding, a milestone birthday or even just a small cake for a special someone, can be a daunting task. But it doesn't have to be.
Here are some great tips and advice on how to work out the style of cake you are looking for, and also the style of cakes we like to create at Be Caked.



The first place to start (apart from letting us know the date you need the cake for) is the size of the cake.

How many people are you wanting to feed?
This is important as it is the foundation of the whole cake design. Knowing if we are decorating a single tier cake or a multi tier cake is really important on how we work out the over all design.
We have a size guide that can help you work out how big your cake needs to be.
Size guide

Once you have chosen your size of cake, we can then start to look at the icing styles, decorations etc.
We love to work with buttercream and there are many options to pick from to give you the right look for your event


Icing styles


smooth buttercream


rustic buttercream


semi naked buttercream

stencilled buttercream


combed buttercream


combination of combed, semi naked and smooth buttercream

Depending in the type of event you are planning can often influence the icing on the cake.
A rustic, country, beach or more causal theme/venue can often pair nicely with a semi naked/rustic or combed icing finish.
If you are looking for a more elegant, clean lines, traditional look, full smooth buttercream, and even some stenciling can be a perfect match.
Often with larger cakes, adding in multiple icing styles can look amazing and add in some nice texture and dimension to your cake design.


combination of stenciled and smooth buttercream


dried flowers


fresh flowers flowers


real touch artifcal and dried flowers



A very popular decoration for cakes are flowers.
We love to use fresh, silk/real touch artificial and dried flowers. Whilst we do prefer to supply our own flowers as we can ensure quality/freshness and food safety (correct wiring and taping), we can also work with your florist (wedding cakes only), to create a gorgeous cake flower arrangement for your cake.  Please speak to us about your cake flowers, before you order your cake flowers with your florist. Flowers are a great way to add colour and wow factor to your cake design

We have seen a trend of people moving  towards dried/preserved and real touch artificial flowers as they make for a lovely keepsake after your cake has been enjoyed.

All of our flowers are wired and tape for food safety and added to your cake at the last possible moment so your flowers are fresh and happy for as long as possible.

Native flowers

Rust-ic Romance.jpg
country romance.jpg

Flower Placement

Flower placement is also important in creating a gorgeous design. For larger cakes, we have more option on where flowers can be placed. For smaller cakes we often place flowers on top and sometimes on the bottom corner as this creates nice design balance.

The most popular for larger cakes are top + alternating corners. We can also create one focal flower feature arrangement between tiers, or even have flowers cascading down the side or diagonally on the cake for a more dramatic effect.


Other decorations to make your cake extra special may include
-chocolate drips,
gold foil,
balloon garlands,
fondant decorations
fondant characters,
edible images
cake toppers
- we are only limited by our imaginations


Other Decorations


We would love to work with you to design the perfect cake for your special occasion.
Contact Beck for an inquiry

See more of Beck's delicious work

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